InstantRank Radu Hahaianu Mike McKay Review Discount and Bonuses

InstantRank Radu Hahaianu Mike McKay Review and Bonus by Radu Hahaianu Mike McKay – Best New Longtail keyword finder that help you uncover thousands upon thousands of profitable long-tail keywords in just a few seconds

InstantRank Radu Hahaianu Mike McKay Discount

InstantRank Radu Hahaianu Mike McKay discount gives you the highest quality.

Isn’t It About Time That Keyword Research Became Simple Once and For All? From: Mike Koller…Dear Discouraged Website Owner, I’m Mike and YES… I TRULY know how hard it can be to find and target the right keywords that can make you a lot of money. You see, over the last few years, I have dramatically improved my rankings and as a result, I’ve successfully grown my businesses using smart keyword research and SEO as one of my primary traffic sources. Even though I’m seeing results that can make you feel dazzled right now, it wasn’t always that easy for me, so I can understand and relate to how you’re feeling right now. When I first started doing keyword research and SEO, I lost a lot of money (still hurts to remember how much money I wasted). I was no different than how you are probably doing right now. I would spend long hours trying to research the perfect keywords, crafting those amazing articles and then patiently waiting…I Expected Traffic To Start Flooding. In…But Instead I Got ZERO Visitors. That was discouraging and depressing. Instead of starting to make money, I was losing it by paying hundreds of dollars for SEO campaigns that promised to deliver “server-melting results”. It seemed like a dead end with no hope. I was facing the same set of common problems most marketers are facing when doing keyword research. Chasing high competition keywords that would require thousands of dollars to rank for – and sometimes, even if you’d pay that much, you won’t get ranked well! Choosing keywords that don’t focus on commercial intent but instead, target useless keywords. Spending long hours trying to find keywords with decent search volumes, good CPC, and yet failing miserably to pick out the best ones (a very common mistake). Naturally, all lead me to think…”There are just no good keywords left!” I was starting to believe that Google & Youtube were a hard-to-master traffic source and that I would never be able to make money from them… But, SUDDENLY I got this crazy idea that changed everything! You see…There ARE effective ways to get just as high quality traffic as the ones coming from top tier keywords like “weight loss” – without the hassle of spending weeks targeting tough keywords or shelling out thousands of dollars…

Look – It Doesn’t Even Matter What Niche You’re In…This Tool Will Find You Keywords with ZERO competition and lots of searches! If you want passive online income for years to come, organic traffic from ranking your pages, videos & content is hands down the best option out there. Every day people are searching for solutions to their problems in Google and Youtube and desperately click on results that present them with that “quick fix”. They then buy products, click on ads or sign up to email lists. It’s literally a virtual goldmine waiting to be tapped…and it’s just getting better and better with every click. The Problem However…95% of the people building websites or videos and trying to monetize them target high competition keywords such as “lose weight” or “make money”. They are literally THROWING away their time and money down the drain… it’s great to have a goal – but unless your budget is in the multiple tens if not hundreds of thousands for an SEO campaign – you’re NOT going to get there. As a result a lot of people became skeptical about making money with their websites & videos the FAST, EASY way – through organic traffic. Brand new marketing app works SEAMLESSLY to bring you the best keywords that NO ONE else knows about…so you can rank your videos at the top of Youtube & Google. And all for an incredibly low price! Listen – with INSTANTRANK, you get an UNFAIR advantage over your competition by tapping into Youtube for your videos. And it’s ALL because you’ve been targeting the wrong keywords all along! “InstantRank” is an amazing and effective tool that will do all the hard work for you in a very special, unique way, so that you find keywords that a lot of people are searching for but nobody is trying to rank for. This means MONEY for you. Includes Full Commercial License!

See how InstantRank Radu Hahaianu Mike McKay Review and Bonus by Radu Hahaianu Mike McKay – Best New Longtail keyword finder that help you uncover thousands upon thousands of profitable long-tail keywords in just a few seconds in action here.

Download InstantRank Radu Hahaianu Mike McKay here :

InstantRank Radu Hahaianu Mike McKay Review and Bonus by Radu Hahaianu Mike McKay – Best New Longtail keyword finder that help you uncover thousands upon thousands of profitable long-tail keywords in just a few seconds InstantRank Radu Hahaianu Mike McKay Review

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InstantRank Radu Hahaianu Mike McKay Benefits :

  • #1 Rankings In No time
  • 100% Newbie Friendly
  • Easy SEO Optimization = Unlimited Free Traffic
  • Works in ANY niche
  • DFY Keyword Research for yourself or your clients
  • Zero Tech Skills Needed
  • 100% Compliant
  • Zero Monthly Fees, Period!

Discover Thousands of Low-Competition Keywords With a Simple Click of a Button

  • Fire up this bad boy! (web app works with ANY platform)
  • Select Youtube or Google to tap into
  • Enjoy red-hot profitable keywords for your websites & videos

You Get All This In InstantRank

Powerful and intelligent software
InstantRank will uncover hundreds of keywords for you in seconds – and these will all be long-tail, untapped keywords

1-click solution
InstantRank allows you to generate ONLY the keywords nobody else is ranking for, but everyone is searching for!

Private Keyword Gathering Technology
InstantRank works unlike any other keyword software, allowing you to tap into Google’s & Youtube’s Auto-Complete databases

Works with videos & regular websites & pages
InstantRank will help you in your business if you’re looking to rank your existing videos & websites for fast and easy profits, as well as give you ideas for future videos & content

100% Google Proof
Because it deals with questions, rather than keywords, InstantRank works perfectly with all the latest Google updates

Easy to use
This effective software is so easy to use that even newbies can use it without getting lost

Effective reports
You get all the data you need from helping you generate ideas to competition analysis so you KNOW which keywords are the best even before you start!

InstantRank Radu Hahaianu Mike McKay Testimony

“Funnels are the cornerstone of my business and as such I need to ensure that I can set them up fast and easy. I’ve tried numerous apps that profess to set up funnels ‘hassle free’…but this is never the case! With Funnel Freakz though, I’m really happy, It does exactly what they say it does – sets up funnels with quality templates…fast and easy!” – Luan Henrique

“Sales funnels are a key component in any online business, and they’ve allowed us to grow profits at breakneck speed! I’ve tested a lot of the other funnel building softwares on the market and found them to be either slow and clunky, or just too confusing to use. With Funnel Freakz, on the other hand, you’ll be able to generate quality, fully functional sales funnels within minutes, that really work. Also, the templates they supply to build these funnels with are top quality. I’m super happy to recommend Funnel Freakz!” – Abhi Dwivedi (Creator of ReelApps)

“Without any sales funnel in your business you’re going to lose out big time online. I’ve been testing Funnel Freakz thoroughly and I see the immense power in this software…it’s easy and fast to use but my, it creates ‘rocking’ funnels! If I was starting from scratch, and was presented with Funnel Freakz as my funnel builder of choice, I’d jump at the opportunity to use it in my business.” – Yogesh Agarwal – Top Software Vendor

Does Any of this Sound Familiar?

  • You put in hours building your website, doing keyword research and writing super high quality articles, just to realize that nobody reads your site since it’s buried in Google’s search results.
  • Or likewise, you invested in the best video creation & distribution tools out there, just to have your professional videos never being viewed, because of poor Youtube rankings.
  • You end up paying a lot of money for that “secret” SEO method or video software that is supposed to take you to the top, but instead nothing happens.
  • Or even worse, you start seeing traffic, but nobody actually buys your affiliate products, clicks on your ads or signs up to your email list.

Let me ask you a SIMPLE question:

Would you target 10 keywords that get 1,000 searches a month instead of 1 that gets 5,000 searches? I’m sure that you probably would say you’d rather stick with that 1 keyword that has the most searches…But let me tell you that this option is a really bad choice.

Let me explain…

  • That 1 keyword is nine times out of 10, going to be a LOT harder to rank than smaller ones, often more than 10x harder…
  • That 1 keyword will most likely have a ton of advertisers who are “dominating” valuable organic result spots.
  • That 1 keyword can be hit by a feared Google update and your rankings could disappear in the blink of an eye.
  • If 1 out of 10 gets hit, you’re only going to lose 10% of your traffic – NOT 100%.

Let Me Explain

When you launch the software, it will take any of your ideas and turn them into thousands of keywords.

Step 01 – The Amazing Idea Generator
Idea Generator will suggest possible queries for your niche by simply inserting your main keyword there. This is absolutely amazing for taking keyword research to the next level with minimum effort and harvest thousands of keywords from every angle of your niche. e.g. if your main keyword is “ipod”, Idea Generator will offer possible queries such as: how * ipod, how to * an ipod, * foripods etc.

Step 02 – Premium Keyword Generation
The tool will then go ahead and replace the * in each of your queries from Idea Generator with various letters in Google Auto-Suggest and come up with a ton of keywords like “how much is an iPod” or “How do I get a free iPod”. There are two examples of keywords people are actually searching for. They are long-tail and highly targeted. Even more important, they are very easy to monetize.

Step 03 – Analysis
By clicking on any of the harvested keywords, you will get vital information about it right within the app. You will know how many times a keyword is searched for, how competitive it is, and how likely it is to bring in not only traffic but also revenue for you. As you can see, the tool will produce a list of thousands of keywords that are extremely relevant to your niche AND easy to rank for.

Here’s what’s included inside INSTANTRANK

  • Easy to use software uncovers keywords within seconds
  • Works for videos AND regular pages
  • Uses untapped keyword sources within Youtube & Google
  • Analyzes each keyword and only uses the best
  • In-depth results for your business

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL Here’s what’s ALSO included with InstantRank

Fantastic Web App & Desktop Version
With InstantRank, you can use either our cloud-based application, or go with the offline-stored desktop version. It’s your choice and either way, you have the power of unparalleled keyword research right at your fingertips with just one click.

Fantastic Web App & Desktop Version
That’s right – with Keywords Suggestion you’re not just limited to Google. You get an UNFAIR advantage over your competition by tapping into Youtube for your videos. It’s such a versatile tool, it’s actually several software into ONE.

30 Day Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

Listen, we know there are a lot of crappy software tools out there that will get you nowhere. Most of the software is overpriced and an absolute waste of money. So if you’re a bit skeptical, that’s perfectly fine. I’m so sure you’ll see the potential of this groundbreaking software that I’ll let you try it out 100% risk-free. Just test it for 30 days and if you’re not able to skyrocket your business and we cannot help you in any way, you will be eligible for a refund – no tricks, no hassles.

InstantRank Radu Hahaianu Mike McKay : Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Are others having results with InstantRank?
To put it simply InstantRank helps you put tap into better buyer keywords and higher rankings for your sites, even as a total newbie, so you can start seeing results without delay just like our other users.

How will InstantRank help me?
InstantRank will help you gather better buyer keywords on autopilot ensuring that you achieve higher rankings for your sites resulting in increased traffic, without having to do any of the usual legwork required.

Do I need any tech skills or experience to make this work?
InstantRank comes with easy-to-understand setup instructions so that anyone can gather keywords that rank on Google and Youtube, and make this work.

Does InstantRank cost a monthly fee?
When you act now, you’re getting access to InstantRank without EVER having to pay a monthly fee

Does InstantRank work on any computer?
InstantRank is fully cloud based, meaning you can access it from any device that has an internet connection without issue.

Is there a guarantee?
Yes, you get a full 30 days to put this to the test and make sure this is for you. If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied, just let us know, and we’ll get you an instant refund.

Download InstantRank Radu Hahaianu Mike McKay here :

InstantRank Radu Hahaianu Mike McKay Review and Bonus by Radu Hahaianu Mike McKay – Best New Longtail keyword finder that help you uncover thousands upon thousands of profitable long-tail keywords in just a few seconds InstantRank Radu Hahaianu Mike McKay Review InstantRank Radu Hahaianu Mike McKay will sell like crazy most likely because you are being shown how to make quick and easy and free money. I can tell you that this will blow you away when you see how easy it is to make money! Instruction are written in a easy to read and quite easy to follow. InstantRank Radu Hahaianu Mike McKay Discount

download InstantRank Radu Hahaianu Mike McKay

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